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Life Reinsurance

We pride ourselves on our relationships with both Clients and Reinsurers.

Tailored Reinsurance Broking Solutions by Oak Tree Intermediaries

In the dynamic world of insurance, managing risks efficiently is imperative for long-term success. Life reinsurance will assist you with the diverse challenges of the industry, from changing market dynamics to evolving regulatory requirements. At Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd, we specialise in offering tailored Reinsurance Broking Services specifically designed to address these challenges through our comprehensive Life Reinsurance Programme solutions.

Our dedicated team of experts understands the intricate nuances of the life insurance industry. We collaborate closely with insurance companies to assess their unique risk profiles and develop strategic solutions that provide optimal coverage and financial stability. By leveraging our extensive market knowledge and industry insights, we craft customised reinsurance programs that align with our client’s business objectives.

Why Choose Oaktree Reinsurance?

At Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd, we prioritise innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction. Our approach combines in-depth analysis, cutting-edge technology, and a client-centric focus to deliver tailored reinsurance solutions. Whether it’s managing mortality risks, enhancing capital efficiency, or ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, our services are designed to empower life insurance providers to thrive in a competitive landscape.

By choosing Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd as your reinsurance broking partner, you gain access to a dedicated team committed to your success. We provide not just solutions but also strategic guidance, enabling life insurance companies to navigate challenges effectively and achieve sustainable growth. Experience the difference with Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd, where expertise meets excellence in reinsurance broking for life reinsurance.

We offer Solutions for the following risk classes
  • Group Life

  • Disability

  • Catastrophe

  • PHI (Permanent Health Insurance)

  • Critical Illness

  • Dread Disease

  • Funeral

  • Credit Life

  • Credit Guarantee

  • Income Protection

  • Premium Waiver

  • Financial Reinsurance