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Oaktree Offices
We do all lines of Business, Life and Non-Life Reinsurance
Tackle your risks with our solutions
Try us for a tailor-made Reinsurance structure that optimizes profitability
Oaktree Offices
We do all lines of business, Life, Health and short-term.
We go beyond just providing competitive pricing
Tackle risks with our solutions
Energy | Car | Property | Casualty | Marine
Try us for a tailor made reinsurance structure the optimizes profitability
Commercial property | Heavy & process industry | Infrastructure | Municipalities | Terrorism

Welcome to Oak Tree Intermediaries, Your Trusted Reinsurance Broker

Life and Non-Life Reinsurance


Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd was established in June 2010.

We are currently the only Reinsurance Broker on the Continent that does Reinsurance in Life and Non-Life lines of business. Geographically, we service the sub-Saharan region, including the Indian Ocean Islands.

Whilst our initial focus was mainly on Life, Health, and Accident classes of business (including Travel and Entertainment reinsurance), we soon realized that we needed to diversify to accommodate a growing client need.

After several approaches from Clients in the UMA space, we are proud to be able to offer Reinsurance support in all classes of insurance. We are able to assist in all Non-Life classes i.e. Property, Casualty, Liability, and Miscellaneous Accident.

We are fully geared towards assisting clients with setting up Cell Captive Arrangements, Specialist UMA’s, and Binders. Our core business is in the UMA space – whether new or existing; often, we also assist UMA’s to find a new home, when they need a new license, for whatever reason. We also do main Insurance Company Programmes. No job is too big for us so give us a call on 011 791 7560 for more information.

Oak Tree Intermediaries (Pty) Ltd has professional and established relationships with Reinsurers not only locally, but also throughout the globe, and we can pinpoint the most suitable Reinsurance market according to the Client’s class of business, once we have adequately assessed the Client’s needs and their specific Reinsurance requirements. We also know which markets to go to, depending on the risk and the structure required.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with both Clients and Reinsurers.

Growth outside of South Africa is another area of focus for us and currently, we do business in more than a dozen countries outside of South Africa’s borders. We have the technical expertise and knowledge of the African Continent, so we assist anywhere in the region.


At Oak Tree, our experience and market relationships allow us to secure the best terms for our clients. However, our specialists provide even more value by equipping our clients with a competitive edge that goes beyond pricing in the reinsurance market. Our line-of-business experts have deep market knowledge and execute transactions efficiently in every relevant geography, providing our clients with a lasting advantage. In addition, our broking and analytical teams offer insights through tailored solutions and strategic advisory services to help our clients succeed.

Our Services

Reinsurance Broking

Our Brokers use their extensive experience and strong market knowledge to identify our client’s needs and we address them more than adequately, with the support of our analytics team (optimal treaty program structuring, etc.).
In as much as there are pre-agreed service level standards/turnaround times, our broking team strives to go beyond expectations to meet deadlines (FAC Quotes/ Reports/ Presentations/ etc.).
The insurance environment is constantly changing and our Brokers are well-equipped to deal with such a dynamic market.
Our market and extensive product knowledge enhance the broking team to effectively handle all Fac and Treaty placements (specialized, de-risked, critical/stressed business included).

Broker support

Our Broker Support arm will constantly maintain existing business and the relationships tied thereto, such as offering support to our valuable clients for referrals, special acceptances, or Facultative business.

They will facilitate quarterly meetings with Lead Reinsurers (via Teams / in person) to enable open discussion around points of relevance.

They are also responsible for maintaining high-quality reinsurance administration requirements such as compiling treaty wordings in the form of slips, cover notes, and addenda.

We have a strong emphasis on service and turnaround times with an extremely rapid response to claims.

Actuarial Services

In accordance with Oak Tree’s philosophy of offering a very client-centric service, the analytics team works closely with our clients to be able to best represent your data to reinsurers in the format we know they want to see.

We have the best Reinsurance pack submissions in the market.

When analyzing a particular reinsurance structure we use all the information available to us at the time, to gain insight into a reinsurance structure that achieves the goals of our clients – whether that be capital relief, reducing variance/volatility, or protection from large claims, etc.

We believe that in order to understand our clients as a whole we need to understand the technical side of their businesses – this involves the analytics team also getting to know the IT systems used by our clients, amongst other things like working dynamics, strategies, etc.  We have built various specialized models to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Technical & Financial Accounts

Our technical accounts team is responsible for processing all reinsurance Treaty and Facultative Accounts, Claims, and Cash Calls (In-house).
In conjunction with our analytics team, we prepare quarterly statistics for clients for when we do our Quarterly Reinsurance meetings with the lead reinsurer(s), etc.
We make use of the RBS advanced technical reinsurance accounting system which allows for more efficient and streamlined accounting and reporting.
Our clients can rest assured that their requests will always be met with a timeous response and our main goal is to collect monies and pay reinsurers on time. To this end, we believe we have the best technical accounting team in the market, if not the world!
We have a strict cash-in, cash-out philosophy. This means that from the time monies are received, we allow 24 hours for invoicing and processing before monies are paid over to reinsurers and clients. This applies to both premiums as well as claims. We do not hold onto monies that don’t belong to us!
Reinsurance Brokers
Why choose Oak Tree

We are the premier Reinsurance Broker in Africa,
specializing in all classes of Insurance business.

Why choose Oak Tree

Reinsurance Brokers

We are the premier Reinsurance Broker in Africa,
specializing in all classes of Insurance business.