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Inaugural Oak Tree Individual Fishing Classic 2021

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15 September 2021

Tanus Bot, Actuarial Analyst – Team Leader

This year we did things a bit differently and decided to leave early Friday morning so we could sneak in a fishing session in the afternoon. This being the inaugural individual fishing competition meant the top 3 places would earn prizes according to total bag weight. We were greeted by usual setting of being in the middle of the Pongola Game Reserve with crocodiles swimming right underneath our barge. We were also lucky enough to spot a rare black Rhino. You could have sworn you were on another planet (like planet Zarkon). 

One of the conditions of total bag weight was that it had to be the famous Jozini Tiger Fish and so you can imagine some of our fisherman weren’t impressed when they surfaced barbel (won’t name any names). The fishing this time of year was a little sparser than usual owing to the spawning season and the weather. Our skipper explained how the lake used to reach peak levels that haven’t been seen for the past 20 years as he pointed to a distant tree line.  


Only 4 of our 8 fisherman were able to snag tigers.  The competition was in the balance by the last day and the atmosphere was tense. One of the reels at the back of the boat started running, and Jason Coetzee (from Azriel Aviation Africa) managed to bring in one very healthy 3.45kg Tiger and take home the win. In 2nd place, our very own Colin Griffiths and in 3rd place Mark Joubert (Guardrisk). 

Memories were made and good times were had by all – on to the next one!